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Men Sandals & Floaters

Discover largest collection of Sandals and Floaters for Men at Mr. Voonik.

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  • Men's Black casual loafers

    Men's Black casual loafers

    Rs 549 Rs 999( 45% OFF )

  • Men's Navy Sandals

    Men's Navy Sandals

    Rs 899 Rs 999( 10% OFF )

  • Men's Olive Green Sandals

    Men's Olive Green Sandals

    Rs 899 Rs 999( 10% OFF )

Sandals and Floaters for Men

Looking for some fun footwear that are perfect for everyday wear? We have the latest collection of Sandals and Floaters for you, just a click away. Log in to find affordable pairs of really comfortable casual Sandals which you can always count upon.

With a variety of colours, designs and materials, here’s a perfect collection of Sandals and Floaters online. Shop for your favourite style and use them your way, be it for everyday errands or a last minute movie plan with family. Team them up with your regular tees, ripped jeans or nautical shorts and you are good to go, with your easy breezy outfit always being the centre of attention.

Here’s more good news. We have Sandals and Floaters starting at just Rs.199 and when the trending styles suit your pocket this well, there’s only one thing that you should do, shop! We have the largest collection of the coolest Sandals simply waiting for you. Grab your pair and be ready for all the compliments coming your way!