intimate bleaching whitening & pinkish cream lips, underarms and private parts


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    Lip balm
  • Color
  • usage
  • Applicable methods
  • Ingredients
    sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, fennel, wheat germ oil.
  • Efficacy
    to kill harmful bacteria genitals, private parts stop itching, eliminate unpleasant odors, prevent vaginal dryness, atrophy, vaginal contraction, promote new cell regeneration tender, Nenhong privates, private parts gradually fade melanin reply soft white. Increase libido, maintenance of the uterus, ovaries and maintenance.
  • Instructions
  • For people
  • 1. unmarried woman
    because clean properly, causing private parts itch, odor, abnormal secretions increase.
  • 2. postpartum
    After birth, vaginal dilation, or inflammation, erosion and so on, to prevent dryness, increased libido.
  • 3. frigidity by
    vaginal dryness, wall atrophy, oh no desire, increased inflammation, vaginal discharge increased.
  • 4.The middle-aged woman
    increased vaginal discharge, odor, itching, vaginal dryness, vaginal relaxation weight,
  • 5. Routine maintenance are
    maintenance privates, conservation of the uterus, ovaries, inflammation sterilization, to increase the fun, prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases.

Oh After cleansing, apply proper amount evenly to the target site gently until completely absorbed. 1. Clean the desired part. 2. put on the required parts directly absorbed, can also be installed in a small spray bottle, spray the required position. 3. massage, massage desired site, improve libido, Nenhong private parts. increased melanin private parts.